Data Retention - how's that working for you??

The Attorney-General's Department (AGD) has decided to withhold the details of four state-level agencies who accessed vast amounts of internet users (meta)Data.
Published 18-Jan-2016 ... more >>

Final servers updated/relocated.

The last of our servers from the old datacentre at Ultimo, Sydney, have been migrated to our new facilities, completing a 12-month program of upgrades and relocations.
Published 02-Jan-2016 ... more >>

MetaData Retention Legislation

The bunch of clueless individuals who currently hold the reigns of power in this country have just declared every Australian citizen a criminal and enacted legislation for the mass-surveillance of the Australian public.
Published 27-Mar-2015 ... more >>

Additional Weather Information

With increasing interest in solar flares, we have added some additional information to our weather page
Published 23-Oct-2014 ... more >>

Helping the Environment

The Albury Local Internet main office is environmentally friendly - entirely off-grid using renewable energy.
Published 10-Dec-2010 ... more >>

Cheap Telephone Calls

Do you like the idea of untimed calls, any time, every day, anywhere in the country - for just 10c?
Well, the secret is out!
Published 06-Dec-2010 ... more >>